Beyond a Railroad!


I.T. Positions Available: (multiple locations across Canada)

Expert Product Management                                          IAM Security Architect Specialist

Specialist – Data Ops                   Specialist Data Developer/Software Development

Analyst CyberSecurity                                                            Expert Reliability Engineering


Embracing Diversity


Working with a broad range of strengths, perspectives and experiences makes us better; it helps us attract and retain qualified talent, and it fosters innovation by bringing the best solutions to the table.

Bring your unique voice to our mix of talented employees and help us realize even greater achievements.



Our Aboriginal Vision

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CN operates within or adjacent to nearly 200 different reserve lands of more than 110 First Nations communities.

At CN, we believe that our workforce should reflect the diversity of the communities we serve, which is why employment outreach is an important part of our ongoing engagement with Aboriginal peoples across our network, be it through collaborative partnerships, scholarships, internships or participation in various community and recruitment events throughout the year.




Progressive Aboriginal Relations

Our Progressive Aboriginal Relations (PAR) certification serves as a proud testament to our commitment to being a strong business and employment partner to Aboriginal communities along our network.





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Career Opportunities

Job Title Posted Date City
Transportation Supervisor 2021-10-19 Montreal
Expert, Network Security Architecture 2021-10-18 Montreal
Transportation Supervisor 2021-10-15 Winnipeg
Transportation Supervisor 2021-10-14 Melville
Transportation Supervisor 2021-10-14 Humboldt
Labourer/Equipment Operator/Heavy Equipment Operator 2021-10-14 Vancouver
Intern, P&SM (Mechanical) 2021-10-08 Montreal
Train Conductor 2021-10-06 Senneterre
Train Conductor 2021-10-06 Moncton
Train Conductor 2021-10-06 Edmundston
Intern, Canadian Sales Tax 2021-09-29 Montreal
Expert, Delivery 2021-09-27 Montreal
Crew Dispatcher Bilingual 2021-09-21 Edmonton
Intern, Strategy 2021-09-17 4 Locations Available
Intern, Analyst Global Mobility and Compensation 2021-09-17 Montreal
Intern, Internal Audit I&T 2021-09-17 Montreal
Intern, Internal Audit 2021-09-17 Montreal
Labour Relations Manager (Bilingual) 2021-09-17 Montreal
Intern, Investor Relations 2021-09-17 Montreal
Intern, Performance Analyst 2021-09-17 Montreal
Manager Sr QA 2021-09-16 Montreal
Labour Relations Manager 2021-09-15 Surrey
Intern, Fleet Engineering 2021-09-14 Montreal
Train Conductor 2021-09-13 Williams Lake
Train Conductor 2021-09-13 Hornepayne