About Walmart Canada

Our Values

At Walmart, we are proud of our unique corporate culture. This culture, some of which grew naturally from small-town beginnings, sets us apart from the competition. And the reason is simple: it’s our values, which have guided and united us from the start.

Service to the Customer

  • Customer First
  • Frontline Focused
  • Innovative and agile

Strive for Excellence

  • High performance
  • Accountable
  • Strategic

Respect for the Individual

  • Listen
  • Lead by example
  • Inclusive

Act with Integrity

  • Honest
  • Fair
  • Courageous

At Walmart, we want everyone to feel like they belong. We believe a culture of belonging is the outcome of effective diversity, equity and inclusion efforts—and pivotal to fulfilling our mission to help people save money and live better. When associates feel like they belong, they can bring their authentic selves to work; in turn, they are empowered to deliver great service to our customers and members.

Denise Malloy

Senior Vice President, Chief Belonging Officer

Belonging, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

A Culture of Belonging

We have a vision of a workplace culture at Walmart where everyone is included – one where associates with unique identities, styles, experiences, abilities and perspectives are understood, supported and championed by their leaders. Our commitment is to continually create this kind of culture through intentional actions that reflect our values of Respect, Integrity, Service and Excellence in order to ensure that our associates feel like they belong.
Our Vision: Everyone Included. By fostering a workplace culture where everyone is—and feels— included, everyone wins. Associates are happier, perform at their best and in turn, provide better service to our customers and members.
Our Mission: The Global Office of Culture, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion’s (CDEI) mission is to create an inclusive culture where all associates are engaged to deliver on our purpose of saving people money so they can live better.


Canada’s diversity is something to celebrate and support. As one of Canada’s Best Diversity Employers, we’re working with our communities to be an anti-racist organization and address systemic barriers to equity and inclusion. Our workplaces reflect the amazing diversity of our communities. Our associates speak many languages, including American Sign Language, and for many, Walmart is their first job in Canada. We celebrate Black History Month, Pride, National Indigenous Peoples Day and other events. And we’re continuing to expand diversity in our hiring, suppliers and product selection.


We want to ensure associates of every gender, race, ability and orientation have what they need to thrive. We’re committed to gender parity at all levels and have made significant gains in pay equity. Reconciliation is part of our ongoing work, to advance equity for Black and Indigenous communities across Canada.


We empower our associates to reach their full potential every day, no matter their age, background, ability, level of experience or education. At Walmart Canada, we support individuals for who they are and embrace the different perspectives they bring.

Our Promise

Our promise to customers is no secret: we want to save them money and time to help them live better. But what you may not know is that we’ve made a promise to everyone who works for us as well – to be that place where you can live better. Where you can redefine your potential and pursue opportunities that may have never occurred to you. All while changing things for the better, knowing that you’re accepted for who you are, no matter what.


This is that place where helping our customers and our communities live better makes us better too. Our mission transcends borders, job levels, titles, and responsibilities. It motivates, inspires, and connects us all.


This is that place where we place equal value on caring for our associates as we do for our customers. Taking care of all people means giving them opportunities to live better. We strive to continue to offer our associates the right balance, with programs like flex work.


This is that place where we continuously accelerate forward. A place where associates are encouraged to swim upstream, to take risks, and fail fast. As an organization we continue to change the way we think and work, while always keeping the customer at the forefront.


This is that place where everyone is included! By fostering a workplace culture where everyone is – and feels – included, everyone wins. Associates are happier, perform at their best, and in turn, provide better service to our customers. This is truly that place where everyone belongs.


This is that place where you can make the most of your talent and skills. Where you are empowered to explore the endless opportunities available across our business. At Walmart we are committed to providing you with the tools, guidance and learning opportunities to get you where you want to go.

Competitive Total Rewards

Every associate at Walmart Canada enjoys some of the most competitive compensation and benefits in retail that improves their financial, mental and physical wellbeing. Come join us and see how!

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Career Opportunities

Job Title Posted Date City
(CAN) Associé, charcuterie 2214573 6651st Ln 2024-07-16 Saint-Jerome
(CAN) Associé, charcuterie 2214573 6651st Ln 2024-07-16 Saint-Jerome
(CAN) General Merchandise Assistant Manager 2242212 6734th Rd St. John, New Brunswic 2024-07-16 St. John
Food Lead Department Manager 2194260 6590th Rd Regina, Saskatchewan 2024-07-16 Regina
(CAN) Préposé à l’accueil 2172948 6526th Rd 2024-07-16 Quebec City
Over-the-Counter Associate 1535 Hwy 7A Port Perry, Ontario 2024-07-16 Port Perry
(CAN) Pharmacy Assistant - PT 2261526 6792nd Blvd Orillia, Ontario 2024-07-16 Orillia
Stock Unloader Associate 2358762 7084th Blvd North Battleford, Saskatchewan 2024-07-16 North Battleford
(CAN) Overnight Associate 2318136 6962nd Rd Napanee, Ontario 2024-07-16 Napanee
(CAN) Asset Protection Associate 2249871 6757th St Montreal, Quebec 2024-07-16 Montreal
(CAN) Manager, Fulfillment 2119002 6364th Blvd Mississauga, Ontario 2024-07-16 Mississauga
Food Lead Department Manager 2263524 6798th Rd Midland, Ontario 2024-07-16 Midland
(CAN) Overnight Associate 2338116 7022nd Rd Mascouche, Quebec 2024-07-16 Mascouche
(CAN) Consumables Associate 2307147 6929th St Marystown, Newfoundland and Labrador 2024-07-16 Marystown
(CAN) Consumables Associate 2139315 6425th St Maple Ridge, British Columbia 2024-07-16 Maple Ridge
(CAN) Overnight Lead 2309145 6935th Ln Lloydminster, Alberta 2024-07-16 Lloydminster
(CAN) OMNI Customer Fulfillment Associate 2309145 6935th Ln Lloydminster, Alberta 2024-07-16 Lloydminster
(CAN) Meat Associate 2134320 6410th Rd Lévis, 2024-07-16 Levis
(CAN) Grocery Associate 2134320 6410th Rd Lév 2024-07-16 Levis
(CAN) Dairy Frozen Associate 2177277 6539th Ln Lethbridge, Alberta 2024-07-16 Lethbridge
(CAN) OMNI Customer Fulfillment Associate 2327460 6990th Rd Leduc, Alberta 2024-07-16 Leduc
(CAN) Stock Unloader Associate 2167287 6509th St Leamington, Ontario 2024-07-16 Leamington
(CAN) Overnight Associate Dairy/Frozen 2281506 6852nd Blvd Langford, British Columbi 2024-07-16 Langford
(CAN) Overnight Associate 2281506 6852nd Blvd Langford, British Columbia 2024-07-16 Langford
(CAN) General Merchandise Associate 2178942 6544th Blvd Sainte-Agathe-des-Monts, Que 2024-07-09 Sainte-Agathe-des-Monts