Trican is an international well service company with operations on six continents and corporate headquarters in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Trican provides innovative, engineered and integrated solutions to its customers involved in the exploration and development of oil and natural gas reserves. With a highly trained and competent workforce and a recognized commitment to ongoing research and development, Trican is a technical leader in each of the service lines in which we operate.

Trican is currently the largest pressure pumping service provider in Canada and a leading fracturing company in Russia, with growing operations the United States, Kazakhstan, Algeria, Saudi Arabia, Colombia, and Australia.

At Trican Well Service, we believe success begins with our people as our name and reputation are reflected in the excellence demonstrated by our employees. We are committed to service excellence, operational safety, technical expertise and innovation, and we value a can-do attitude above most attributes.

Trican offers challenging opportunities to people looking to join an organization that recognizes and rewards the contributions of its employees. We offer above-average career advancement due to our aggressive growth and our committed management team. Join our team for new opportunities to make an impact and grow professionally.




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