Make what you do matter

Help deliver the energy that heats homes, powers our businesses and fuels our transportation, all with increasing achievements in safety, efficiency and conservation. Our employees are energized by:

  • Working on exciting, challenging projects
  • Contributing to responsible energy development
  • Making a positive difference in our communities

From head office to our field operations, we actively seek out a wide range of candidates for all positions. A diversity of backgrounds, opinions and skills strengthens our teams and drives innovation.

Whatever the role, you have the opportunity to develop your career — and make what you do matter.


Indigenous People and Contracting

TransCanada is committed to providing business, employment and training opportunities on our projects to local Indigenous communities. We work collaboratively with Indigenous communities and businesses to create reciprocal and principled business relationships.

Our Indigenous Relations Business Engagement program designates certain key activities for qualified and competitive Indigenous businesses and, additionally, requires general contractors to meaningfully engage with local Indigenous communities while meeting rigorous reporting standards. As part of this requirement, our general contractors must provide a contractually binding Indigenous Participation Plan which outlines specific commitments regarding sub-contracting and workforce opportunities.


Diverse, Inclusive and Respectful Workplace

TransCanada strives to create a workplace that is non-discriminatory, fair, equitable, accessible, harassment-free, diverse and inclusive, and values the contributions of all employees. Our success depends on the talent, skills and expertise of our people. It is through our differences in how we think and act that we are able to form integrated teams that are creative, innovative and high performing, consistently delivering superior business results.

People feel empowered and thrive in a culture that recognizes, appreciates and utilizes the unique perspectives and background of others. When we capitalize on the strengths of each employee, and leverage his or her differences, we have a diverse, inclusive and respectful workplace.

TransCanada is looking for people who are willing to think about the future… and think big. We’re looking for people who are ready to take on the most significant challenges of their careers and define energy infrastructure in North America. Make more of your career. Help us build long-lasting energy solutions that matter.


Our Commitment

We take our commitment to diversity and inclusion seriously. It’s a part of everything we do and requires active participation from every employee.

The following elements are in place to support our commitment:

  • Safety – An unwavering commitment to workplace and community safety
  • Community – Building relationships in the communities where we work
  • Indigenous – Respect for Indigenous peoples, traditions and lands
  • Landowners – Transparency and understanding our landowners
  • Environment – Protecting land, air, water and wildlife
  • Tech and Innovation – Innovative approaches to pipeline safety


It Makes Sense

TransCanada’s commitment to diversity and inclusion makes sense for the following reasons:

  • Changing workforce demographics and labour shortages – There is unprecedented generational diversity in the workplace today and the labour pool is dramatically different than in the past. In order to attract and retain the most talented individuals to deliver value and quality in all that we do, we need to appeal to available talent, which is overwhelmingly represented by a vast array of backgrounds and life experiences.
  • Stakeholder relations and license to operate – We are able to maintain a competitive edge by mirroring the diversity that exists in the communities where we live and work. Diversity in our workplace leads to a better understanding of stakeholder perceptions and concerns, which impact our ability to accomplish big things that matter.
  • Employee productivity and performance – Our success hinges on the success of each and every employee which is why TransCanada is committed to providing opportunities that help develop your career, help you reach your full potential and contribute to a high-performing workplace culture.
  • Inspires creative and innovative thinking – It is through our differences in how we think and act that we are able to form integrated teams that are creative, innovative and high performing, consistently delivering superior business results.
  • Employee engagement – Employees who feel like their unique skills, perspectives and backgrounds are valued and respected by their company and colleagues are more engaged, feel more pride in accomplishments and make a greater contribution to their teams and the organization.


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