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Teach For Canada is a non-profit organization that partners with northern First Nations communities to recruit, prepare, and support committed teachers. Our small, tightly knit team is based in Toronto with frequent travel to northern First Nations in Ontario. We work long but inspired and flexible hours. Our workplace culture is entrepreneurial and collaborative. We value lived experience and new ideas.

Education in Canada is a success story. Study after study shows that our public schools are among the best in the world. But high overall quality masks deep inequality. On First Nations reserves, 3 in 5 students do not complete high school. Too often, teachers arrive in remote and Indigenous communities without the preparation and support they need to succeed–and stay–in the classroom. The twin challenges of teacher supply and turnover compound historical injustice and systemic inequities to produce an education gap between First Nations and non-First Nations communities.

The right kind of teacher can help fill this gap. We work with education leaders, principals, teachers, and students in northern First Nations communities to recruit outstanding teachers from across the country, provide three weeks of community-focused summer training, and provide ongoing teacher support for a minimum of two years. Inspired by the leadership of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission Calls to Action on Education, Teach For Canada teachers emphasize a spirit of reciprocal learning with communities during their 2+ year teaching commitment.

Currently, there are 55 Teach For Canada teachers in 13 First Nations schools in northern Ontario. Their inspirational teaching is increasing student attendance, student engagement, and student achievement.

To learn more about Teach For Canada and to apply, please click this link.

What we’re looking for

What does a successful northern educator look like? They overcome challenges with flexibility and bring community into their classroom. Outside of school, they get involved in the community, lead extracurricular activities, and explore the natural environment. But above all, they come humbly to learn as much as they teach. Read teacher stories here.

Teach for Canada provides selected teachers with 3 weeks of preparation and 2 years of professional support. Together, we work with the community to fill Canada’s largest education gap.

Our Approach

Our approach is designed to recruit, prepare, and support outstanding teachers who will increase student outcomes in northern First Nations communities. This model has been defined by our First Nations community partners, our Circle of Advisors, our Board of Directors, and experienced northern educators.


Recruit teachers who have the right personality and competencies

In partnership with our First Nations community partners, we run a national teacher recruitment campaign from November to April to find outstanding teachers who are a good fit in the north. Once the application window has closed, our national teacher selection panel–made up of community members, experienced northern educators, and Indigenous leaders–interviews and selects teachers who have the skills, attitudes, and mindsets to succeed in northern First Nations schools.

Our Community Partners

Teach For Canada strives to represent a new kind of partnership between a non-profit organization and a First Nations community. We recognize that there have been many one-sided relationships in First Nations education within Canada’s history, and we have attempted to build a new model for working together; one built on trust, transparency, and an understanding that the process is – and will always be – community-directed.

At the present time, Teach For Canada works with Cree, Ojibwe, and Oji-Cree communities in Treaty 3, 5, and 9 in northern Ontario.


What we want is a teacher who is not prejudiced, wants to be in the community, is educated and willing to teach us, believes in us, is willing to talk and listen to us, and knows their teaching area. – Feathers of Hope Report (2014)

Our Values – Our core values lay the foundation for our entire program.

Humility – We value the experiences and perspectives of others, and we recognize our limitations. We appreciate that our efforts complement a range of initiatives that seek to reduce educational inequity, and that we will only be a small step in the right direction.

Culture – We recognize that culture and education are fundamentally linked. We will ensure that cultural respect and responsiveness permeate our entire program.

Collaboration – We are committed to partnering effectively with schools, communities, and other groups to ensure that our work advances the broader good for all children.

Transparency – We will be transparent about our strengths and weaknesses, and open about our successes and failures.


Careers at Teach For Canada

Join our team! If you are interested in a career with Teach For Canada, learn more here.

We are currently hiring:

Director of Impact and Learning

Teacher Recruitment and Selection Manager

Team and Operations Manager


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