Headquartered in Milan, Italy and operating internationally for 20 years, Saipem is one of the largest Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) companies in the world. We have engineered and constructed oil and gas projects in more than 100 countries around the world.

Based out of Calgary, Alberta, Saipem Canada owns a modular fabrication yard in Edmonton, Alberta and implements EPC projects in various locations in Canada. Our portfolio of world-class projects means that you’ll be involved in challenging and interesting work, and have the potential to gain international experience. Our talented and diverse workforce is committed to core values: health & safety, research & development, innovation, quality, teamwork, internationalism, environmental responsibilities and integrity. These values are instrumental to the success of the company, and the success of our clients.

Mission: Our mission here at Saipem Canada Inc. is centered around our clients. We tackle each contract, and the challenges it brings, with professionalism and efficiency. We approach each hurdle a project may bring with safe, reliable and innovative solutions to suit your needs.

We strive to build a capable team, willing and able to meet the demands of the job. We empower them to make informed, precise decisions that are in the best interests of our company, the environment, and you our valued customer.

Values: Saipem Canada Inc. prides itself in its ever evolving commitment to health & safety, research & development, innovation, quality, teamwork, internationalism, environmental responsibilities, and integrity. These values define who we are as a company, and we strive to reflect these values through our day-to-day work.

Join our growing company and help move the Canadian oil and gas industry forward in a sustainable way.

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