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ONWA is growing and expanding services to support our Communities.
We are currently looking for qualified, passionate, and committed individuals who have an interest in advocating and supporting Indigenous Women.


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The Ontario Native Women’s Association (ONWA) is a not for profit organization to empower and support all Indigenous women and their families in the province of Ontario through research, advocacy, policy development and programs that focus on local, regional and provincial activities. 

Established in 1971, ONWA delivers culturally enriched programs and services to Indigenous women and their families regardless of their status or locality.  We are committed to providing services that strengthen communities and guarantee the preservation of Indigenous culture, identity, art, language and heritage. Ending violence against Indigenous women and their families and ensuring equal access to justice, education, health services, environmental stewardship and economic development, sit at the cornerstone of the organization. ONWA insists on social and cultural well–being for all Indigenous women and their families, so that all women, regardless of tribal heritage may live their best life.

Our Vision

At the Ontario Native Women’s Association (ONWA) we will support women to take up their leadership roles in the family and in the community.

ONWA will support women’s leadership. To do that we have to ensure that our voices are heard. We have to start by listening to each other first.

  • To reclaim our voices we must have knowledge. Much of the knowledge we need to be strong leaders is rooted in the cultural teachings.

  • To hear our own voices we must silence our pain and trauma and find a place for it in our lives that does not hurt us.

  • Our self-esteem needs to be reclaimed.

When we speak we will have a grounded, balanced, strong, and kind voice.

To achieve our leadership roles we have to break the cycle of abuse that is part of our families and communities. To do that we will, through all of our actions and words, not carry forward the abuse.

We will speak the truth because we will know what the truth is. We will be forgiving and move forward after our truth has been shared. We will not use the colonization behaviours we have learned to hurt others. We will believe in our truth and respect it.

We will expect board members and our Executive Director to reflect this vision of behaviour. When they do not behave in this way we will gently ask them to realign their behaviour.

We will be focused in our work and not exhaust the staff or board. We recognize that any issue we chose to work on, with focused resolve, will support women to move forward in all issues, because all issues are interconnected.

In being leaders in our families our focus must be on the children:

  • We take up our role for the children and address the child welfare system. We will build a child welfare system that is transformed and recognizes that the shattered, hurt parent needs love, care and attention, just as her children do. We will create new ways of healing families that are based on the cultural teachings. We help each woman change her life for the better.

  • We take up our role for the youth and deal with the youth suicide. We will be good teachers and guides for our youth and make space for them in our work.

We will trust in ourselves and in each other that we can realize this vision. We will love and care for each other.

Our Values

At ONWA, we are committed to providing all of our employees, with support and guidance to be their best self and successful in their roles.  Culture is the foundation of everything we do and is included in the delivery of all programs and services at the ONWA.  It grounds us and keeps us focused on why we are here.  ONWA prides itself on supporting all employee’s with continuous cultural teachings.  We use the guidance provided by our teachings, our traditions and our Elders.

  • Wisdom – We all make mistakes.  Learning from them is what we encourage and using all resources available can help us in our journey.

  • Love – We show our love for our community, our community members, our co-workers and our family, through our daily words and our actions.

  • Respect – We accept everyone we deal with, as they are and without judgement.  We listen to them openly and are sensitive to their feelings.  Everyone matters.

  • Bravery – We all have decisions to make and some are not easy.  Having the courage to do things that can be difficult and need to be done or said is supported, as we understand this is how we grow and develop.

  • Honesty – We support an environment of transparency.  We encourage our employees to speak and act in an honest and kind way.

  • Humility – We lead by being humble and modest and modelling the values we hold true to our heart.

  • Truth – We know and believe in our Seven Grandfather Teachings.  We identify ourselves through these and live by them in our daily dealings.

Our Commitment

Our stakeholders are both internal and external.  Internal stakeholders and their needs have been identified and the HR Department is committed to ensuring these are fulfilled.

Our Structure

Indigenous women are the center of our community, the heart of our families and the strength of our beliefs. Against a backdrop of violence, poverty, injustice, and systemic racism, Indigenous women needed their voices, their wisdom, and knowledge to be heard. Founded in 1971, ONWA exists to support and empower Indigenous women to be heard. Our role in the community is to provide vital support and programs for Indigenous women and their families.

We at ONWA take our responsibilities very seriously. Every member of the team plays an important role in the work we do. In the true nature of Indigenous women’s leadership, we do not see one person as more important than the other, but rather, every person plays an important part, as we come together in unity and work towards one vision.

Our Mandate

ONWA encourages the participation of Indigenous women in the development of Federal, Provincial, Municipal/Local government policies that impact their lives and ensure issues affecting Indigenous women and their families are heard at key government tables.

  • ONWA is committed to providing services that strengthen communities and guarantees the preservation of Indigenous culture, identity, art, language and heritage.
  • Ending violence against Indigenous women and their families and ensuring equal access to justice, education, health, environmental stewardship and economic development, sits at the cornerstone of the organization.
  • ONWA insists on social and cultural well – being for all Indigenous women and their families, so that all women, regardless of tribal heritage may live their best lives.

Why choose ONWA?

ONWA prides itself on representing the community members in which we serve.  We give first priority and look to hire Indigenous Women who can fulfill our roles and responsibilities successfully and carry our vision forward.  We are an inclusive work environment and an equal opportunity employer.  We are proud to say over 75% of our workforce are Indigenous Women.

Our work environment is a family and we offer many positions ranging from administrative, front line services, middle management and senior management roles.  We work with employees who have the desire to succeed and grow with the organization and we promote internal advancement.

We work hard to ensure all of our recruitment processes reflect our values while guiding us to decisions that best fit the roles we are hiring to. We look for and want people who have a passion for what they do, and who genuinely care to support Indigenous Women and their families.


Careers at ONWA

ONWA is looking for passionate and committed individuals who have a keen interest in advocating and supporting Indigenous Women, combined with the necessary skills, experience and expertise needed to be successful in these roles. If you are interested please submit your cover letter and resume today!

To check out current career opportunities at ONWA, please click this link.

Qualified Indigenous Women are particularly encouraged to apply. Only those applicants granted an interview will be contacted. A job description is available upon request. We welcome applications from people with disabilities. Accommodations are available on request for candidates taking part in all aspects of the selection process.


Career Opportunities

Job Title Posted Date City
Receptionist 2022-05-05 Thunder Bay FWFN
Administrative Assistant - Operations 2022-05-05 Ottawa
Branch Manager 2022-05-05 Ottawa
Community Development Manager CONTRACT til March 31st 2023 2022-05-05 Thunder Bay
Operations Clerk 2022-05-05 Thunder Bay
Branch Manager 2022-05-02 Hamilton - Rosedene
Indigenous Victim Family Liaison 2022-04-08 Kenora
Mental Health Worker 2022-04-08 Sioux Lookout
Indigenous Healthy Babies Healthy Children Family Home Visitor 2022-03-24 Greenstone
Mental Health Worker 2022-03-22 Greenstone
ONWA Is Hiring For Multiple Positions 2022-02-07 Multiple Locations
General Applications-Hiring Pool 2021-12-13 Thunder Bay FWFN
Crisis Response Worker 2021-11-23 Ottawa
Crisis Response Worker 2021-03-11 Kenora
Crisis Response Worker 2021-03-11 Toronto - Yonge Street