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Who we are

The National Research Council of Canada (NRC) is Canada’s largest federal research and development organization with a century-long history and track record of contributing to the development of science and innovation in Canada.

We collaborate with over 70 colleges, universities and hospitals annually, work with 800 companies on their projects,
and provide advice or funding to over 8,000 small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) each year.

We bring together the brightest minds to deliver tangible impacts on the lives of Canadians and people around the world. Our breadth of expertise and infrastructure span a wide variety of scientific fields and industrial sectors.

Diversity enables excellence in research and innovation. Fostering a diverse, inclusive, welcoming and supportive workplace is important to us, and contributes to a more inclusive Canadian innovation system.

We support career and leadership development and offer flexible work schedules, telework and part-time work opportunities.

We welcome all qualified applicants and encourage candidates to self-declare as members of the following designated
employment equity groups: women, Indigenous peoples* (First Nations, Métis and Inuit), racialized persons* and persons
with disabilities.

* The Employment Equity Act, which is under review, uses the terminology Aboriginal peoples and visible minorities.

The NRC at a glance

  • We employ forward thinkers who work at the leading edge of research and technology to set a new standard for innovation.
  • We are over 4,000 scientists, researchers, engineers, technologists and corporate staff, and about 500 independent and volunteer visitors.
  • Every year, we attract some 500 undergraduates from universities and colleges to join the NRC.
  • Our Industrial Research Assistance Program employs 300 industrial technology advisors.
  • Our contributions stretch even further through partnerships, collaborations, national and international committees and networks where we participate on behalf of Canadian interests.

A look into the NRC faces behind
the James Webb Space Telescope…


We develop innovative policies and programs to build an exciting and rewarding workplace that rivals the great research institutes of the world. For over 100 years, we have earned an international reputation for excellence and creativity in leading-edge research and innovation. Careers at NRC

Employment programs

We sponsor a number of employment programs to provide students and recent graduates the opportunity to develop their skills and expertise, while at the same time, gaining valuable experience working with research teams and leaders in our laboratories and research installations.

Learn more about employment and award programs.

Who we hire

Our success lies with our talented employees. Are you up to the challenge?

The NRC hires people in different job categories.

Why choose us

Consider building a future with us. As an NRC employee, achieving results means helping shape Canada’s societal and economic future. Whether we provide a client with technical services, deliver the results of a strategic research project, or support a client to adopt or adapt a new technology, we provide leading-edge and responsive market focused solutions to clients and partners.

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Jobs available now

Check out a list of all of our current job opportunities. You can use our jobs database to search for jobs by date, location, title, organizational unit, key sector, or area of research and to apply for a specific competition.

Jobs available now

Career Opportunities

Job Title Posted Date City
Research Officer in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for Accelerated Materials Discovery 2024-02-29 Mississauga
Research Council Officer, Battery Testing and Optimization 2024-02-27 Ottawa
Computer Support Specialists 2024-02-27 Various Locations
Electrochemical Device Technician 2024-02-22 Vancouver
Performance Officer 2024-02-22 Ottawa
Technical Advisor, Dynamics/Power Platform 2024-02-22 Ottawa
Program Director, Construction Sector Digitalization & Productivity 2024-02-22 Ottawa
Postdoctoral Fellow - High-Throughput Plant Phenotyping Through Deep Learning 2024-02-05 Saskatoon
Post Doctoral Fellowship - Reinforcement Learning for Lower Cost Satellite Communication 2024-02-05 Ottawa
Postdoctoral Fellowship, Quantum Plasmonic Sensors 2024-02-05 Ottawa
Postdoctoral Fellow in Flood Risk Assessment for Transportation Networks 2024-02-05 Ottawa
Postdoctoral Fellow in Integrated Optomechanics, Research Officer 2024-01-31 Ottawa
Postdoctoral Fellowship, Hyperpolarization in Quantitative NMR and Quantum Information Processing 2024-01-31 Ottawa
Postdoctoral Fellowship, Membranes for Electrochemical Energy Conversion 2024-01-31 Vancouver
Postdoctoral Fellowship, Infectious diseases 2024-01-31 Ottawa
Postdoctoral Fellowship, mRNA-encoded Bispecific Antibodies 2024-01-31 Ottawa
Postdoctoral Fellowship, Mapping of the genomic landscape of Vero cells 2024-01-31 Montreal
Postdoctoral Fellowship, Additively Manufactured Aero-Engine for Hydrogen Fuel 2024-01-30 Ottawa
Postdoctoral Fellowship, Toolpath Simulation and Optimization for Laser Treatment 2024-01-30 Boucherville
Persons with Disabilities Internship (Inventory) 2024-01-29 Within a National Research Cou
Research Associate, Metrology for Quantum Photonics 2023-10-18 Ottawa
Postdoctoral Fellowship, A Canadian-Based Silicon Nitride Platform 2023-01-31 Ottawa
Postdoctoral Fellowship, Partial Discharge in Power Electronic Modules 2023-01-31 Ottawa
Policy Advisor on Construction Codes 2022-05-31 Ottawa
HVAC Technician (pension, full benefits) 2021-09-29 Ottawa