Who we are

The National Research Council (NRC) is the Government of Canada’s largest research organization supporting industrial innovation, the advancement of knowledge and technology development, and fulfilling government mandates.

Research is conducted on several fronts and in many different disciplines including: biotechnology, advanced manufacturing, information and communications, nanotechnology, national measurement standards, molecular sciences, aerospace, transportation, astronomy, marine dynamics and construction technologies.

The NRC at a glance

Three key roles: business innovation, federal policy mandates, and advancing knowledge

  • 3,700 scientists, engineers, technicians, and other specialists, including 255 SME technology advisors
  • Manages 178 buildings (equivalent to 354 NHL hockey rinks) in 72 locations
  • $1B annual expenditure (2017/18) including an IRAP contribution budget of $223.9M for SMEs


We develop innovative policies and programs to build an exciting and rewarding workplace that rivals the great research institutes of the world. For over 100 years, we have earned an international reputation for excellence and creativity in leading-edge research and innovation.

Employment programs

We sponsor a number of employment programs to provide students and recent graduates the opportunity to develop their skills and expertise, while at the same time, gaining valuable experience working with research teams and leaders in our laboratories and research installations. Learn more about employment and award programs.

Who we hire

Our success lies with our talented employees. Are you up to the challenge? The NRC hires people in different job categories.

Why choose us

Consider building a future with us. As an NRC employee, achieving results means helping shape Canada’s societal and economic future. Whether we provide a client with technical services, deliver the results of a strategic research project, or support a client to adopt or adapt a new technology, we provide leading-edge and responsive market focused solutions to clients and partners. Learn more here.

We value diversity

We foster a workplace that is accommodating, respectful, welcoming and inclusive, and prioritize the health and safety of our employees.

  • We encourage candidates and employees to self-identify as members of the following designated groups: women, visible minorities, Indigenous peoples and persons with disabilities.
  • We recognize that diversity opens the doors to new ways of thinking, leading to greater creativity and innovation. Our workforce encompasses a wide variety of ages, genders, faiths, ethnicities, languages, abilities, and areas of specializations.
  • We encourage good health practices and strive to identify and eliminate hazards while promoting a positive safety culture through a variety of initiatives to ensure employee well-being.

NRC job categories

The NRC hires people in different job categories, including:

  • Administration Services (AS): Client Services Supervisor, Project Officer, Administrative Coordinator, Pay and Benefit Advisor, Records Management Coordinator
  • Administrative Support (AD): Administrative assistant, Clerk, Human Resources Systems Coordinator, Finance assistant, Library clerk
  • Computer Systems Administration (CS): Computer support, Programmer, Web developer
  • Financial Administration (FI)
  • Information Services (IS): Communications Officer, Marketing, Editor, Writer, Publications Officer
  • Librarian (LS)
  • Management Category (MG)
  • Operational Category (OP): Technician, Trades
  • Personnel Administration (PE): Human Resources Consultant (classification, staffing, employee relations)
  • Purchasing and Supply (PG)
  • Research Officers/Research Council Officer (RO/RCO): Researcher, Business Development Officer, Industrial Technology Advisor, Engineer
  • Students (Student Employment Program and Cooperative Education Program
  • Technical Category (TO): Technical Officer, Technologist, Designer/Draftsperson
  • Translators (TR)

Jobs available now

Check out a list of all of our current job opportunities. You can use our jobs database to search for jobs by date, location, title, organizational unit, key sector, or area of research and to apply for a specific competition. Jobs available now

Career Opportunities

Job Title Posted Date City
Human Resources Advisor, Wellness Programs 2019-04-22 Ottawa
Administrative Assistant 2019-04-17 Victoria
Research Officer, Metrology, Electrical Standards 2019-04-17 Ottawa
Strategic Advisor, Medical Devices 2019-04-16 Boucherville
Executive Assistant 2019-04-16 Ottawa
Administrative Coordinator 2019-04-16 Ottawa
Postdoctoral Fellowship, Hybrid Energy Harvesting Materials and Devices 2019-03-28 Ottawa
Postdoctoral Fellowship, Machine learning for spectral data analysis 2019-03-28 Ottawa
Postdoctoral Fellowship, Lentiviral vector purification and characterization 2019-03-28 Montreal
Postdoctoral Fellowship, Marine Genomics 2019-03-28 Halifax
Postdoctoral Fellowship, Cell-based Therapies for Autoimmune Disease 2019-03-28 Ottawa
Postdoctoral Fellowship, Aerospace Human Factors 2019-03-28 Ottawa
Postdoctoral Fellowship, Life Signatures on Exoplanets 2019-03-28 Victoria
Postdoctoral Fellowship, Localizing Fast Radio Bursts 2019-03-28 Penticton
Postdoctoral Fellowship, Multi-Wavelength Studies of the Virgo Cluster 2019-03-28 Victoria
Postdoctoral Fellowship, Bluff Body Aerodynamics 2019-03-28 Ottawa
Postdoctoral Fellowship, Solid State Batteries 2019-03-28 Ottawa
Postdoctoral Fellowship, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Data Fusion 2019-03-28 Ottawa
Director General, Construction 2019-02-26 Ottawa
Client Relationship Leader 2019-02-25 Montreal
Director, Research & Development - Aerospace 2019-01-29 Ottawa
Industrial Technology Advisor 2018-12-21 Regina
Research Associate, Structural Reliability 2018-12-19 Ottawa
Collaboration Program Challenge Officer 2018-11-26 Within a National Research Cou
Student Employment Program 2018-10-02 Within a National Research Cou