Meadow Lake Tribal Council

The Meadow Lake Tribal Council (MLTC) began in 1981 when the First Nations of the Meadow Lake District united to form the Meadow Lake District Chiefs Joint Venture. Cooperation between the region’s First Nations strengthened and in 1986 the Meadow Lake District Chiefs became officially known as the Meadow Lake Tribal Council.

Working under the Convention Act, MLTC and the nine chiefs develop work plans, create programs and deliver services according to the needs of the communities involved in MLTC. With a high level of cooperation in governance and practical goals for community development, MLTC works to assist the nine First Nations in reaching their full potential.

Today MLTC is striving even further to promote positive growth for the nine Meadow Lake First Nations (MLFNs). Self-government discussions with the federal government work towards creating functional constitutions for the nine bands. Programs and services like Education, Justice, Technical Programming, and Business Development steadily grow in effectiveness. The health sector of MLTC has been supporting First Nation’s Health and Wellness programs from the beginning. Today these programs provide valuable, widespread health care services to all nine communities on a regular basis.

MLTC is forever committed to the health of its member First Nations. The Meadow Lake Tribal Council has grown from humble beginnings into a major developer of the nine member communities. As an advocate for First Nations issues, MLTC has given a louder voice to the Meadow Lake First Nations. Our goal has always been to create Health, Wealth and Good Governance for the communities we represent in North Saskatchewan. That vision is as strong today as it has ever been.