Our People Vision

We take care of our employees.

At McDonald’s® Canada our People Vision is for our people to feel valued and proud to work here. In fact we aim to be the best employer in every one of our Canadian communities.

Our People Principles         

Behind our People Vision stands our absolute commitment to respect and recognize our people, to support their personal growth and education, to instill leadership and dedication, and to provide them with the best working environment possible. To guide our actions, we follow the People Principles that reflect McDonald’s values and describe the culture we embrace. We have always been committed to doing the right thing for our employees. Our values and behaviours are the foundation for the relationships we foster with our employees. We continue to believe in and reaffirm our long-standing policy of providing fair and equal opportunities for all employees and prospective employees. If you are selected as part of the selection process and you require an accommodation, we shall provide or arrange for the provision of a suitable accommodation in a manner that takes into account your needs due to disability.

Respect and Recognition  

  • Employees are respected, valued and empowered.
  • Employees are recognized and rewarded in many ways.
  • Great rewards for outstanding work include a variety of exciting “Once in a Lifetime Opportunities.”

Values and Behaviours

  • We act in the best interest of the company, our employees and the communities in which we operate.
  • We communicate openly, listen for understanding and value diverse opinions.
  • We accept personal accountability.
  • We coach and learn.

Competitive Pay and Benefits

  • Compensation packages include benefits that employees tell us they value.
  • Employees receive regular performance and wage reviews.

Learning, Development and Personal Growth

At McDonald’s, we are proud of the opportunities we provide our employees to grow and develop personally and professionally. Not only do we provide tens of thousands of Canadians a place to work each year, but we also provide the essential training which gives our employees the skills to further their careers. McDonald’s invests millions annually on training, crew, managers and corporate employees, offering tremendous opportunities to gain the skills to forge a career within the McDonald’s network or externally. In fact, our management development programs are accredited with several colleges and universities across Canada.


Working Here

It’s time for your enthusiasm and determination to take you places.


A Great Start

Hundreds of thousands of Canadians got their first job experience working behind the counter or in the kitchens and drive-thrus of McDonald’s. They chose McDonald’s for all kinds of reasons. Regardless of why they joined or how long they stayed, a first job at McDonald’s has served as a springboard to exciting and diverse careers for many successful Canadians. It’s a great start.



The Pathway to Management

Having energetic and motivated people join our team is the best way to realize our goal of building an exciting future together. Managing a McDonald’s restaurant is a challenging task, so we have a comprehensive Management Development Program which provides a formal training program for employees who move through the hierarchy to Restaurant Manager. At each level, your hands-on training will be supplemented with classroom training.

Global Opportunities

Career opportunities at McDonald’s also exist beyond Canada – McDonald’s operates in 119 countries around the world, and many of our crew find themselves working in a variety of destinations around the world.

A Great Team

Each person at McDonald’s plays an important role. Crew and managers work together, constantly communicating and supporting each other in a team atmosphere that is busy and challenging, but always aims to be co-operative and fun. One of the best things about working with us is the potential for lasting friendships. The interesting people you’ll meet will ensure you have a great time at work. And if you enjoy social activities, you’ll have chances to spend time with your colleagues at special company events including summer picnics, holiday parties and other organized outings.

Flexible Schedules

At McDonald’s, we know that you have responsibilities and interests outside of work. We recognize the importance of work/life balance. That’s why we offer flexible schedules to help you choose hours that best fit your life. Maybe you need a part-time job that will fit around your studies or you’re available only on weekends. Perhaps you’re looking for a few hours a day while your kids are in school. Your local McDonald’s Manager will be able to help you work out a schedule that suits you.

Workplace Safety

Ensuring a healthy and safe work environment for all employees is a top priority for McDonald’s. We aim to make safety a part of everything we do. Our restaurants have workplace safety programs in place to ensure that our high safety standards and procedures are clearly communicated and reinforced daily. As an important member of our team, you’ll be taught to identify and report any potential issues, and encouraged to offer suggestions to improve health and safety.

Training, Education, and Perks

When you join our team, you get more than just a paycheque.


Learning and Development

At McDonald’s® we offer the opportunity to “learn while you earn”. Learning and development are an important part of your McDonald’s work experience and starts as soon as you join the team. Crew trainers, managers and other employees will work with you to show you the ropes, and training continues as you advance through the McDonald’s system. We work hard to promote a positive coaching environment to help you develop to your full potential. In addition to gaining skills and knowledge in the food service and hospitality industry, your job at McDonald’s will help you learn teamwork; leadership, communication and guest service skills; responsibility and time management.


Empowering You

We believe in giving you the tools you need to succeed, whether it’s the chance to run your own restaurant or succeed in a corporate career at McDonald’s. To be the best company we can, we have to offer the best opportunities, and we believe that the best are right here. In our Restaurant Operations and People Leadership Practices training, participants learn to:

  • Develop the skills to lead others in Operational and People Excellence
  • Use appropriate leadership approaches to develop high-performing teams and individuals
  • Recognize the importance of team building and use appropriate tools and techniques to help teams reach their full potential
  • Prioritize restaurant needs to improve People, Operations, profit and sales
  • Diagnose factors to achieve our high food quality standards
  • Develop a Restaurant Improvement Plan
  • Use tools and techniques to develop teams
  • Identify strategies to build employee engagement
  • Prepare and conduct performance reviews
  • Translate classroom activities into action plans
  • How to put together a holistic planner to accomplish your goals personally and professionally

McDonald’s Business Leadership Practices training provides Restaurant Managers with:

  • An awareness of how adopting and fostering accountability can impact business results
  • An understanding of how creative thinking techniques can be applied to operational challenges within the restaurant
  • An understanding of how to better develop restaurant talent to improve business results
  • An understanding of the social responsibility culture at McDonald’s and the motivation and ideas for incorporating social responsibility activities into their businesses
  • Build fundamental business planning skills, and practice promoting a positive image of McDonald’s in an effort to build community relationships



Education and Scholarships

Approximately 50% of our employees are 18 years of age or younger, and we were awarded by Canada Top 100 Employers the 2016 Top Employer for Young People award. As one of Canada’s leading youth employers, McDonald’s believes in responsible student employment. Education and schoolwork must come first. That’s why we’re always ready to help employees balance work and studies. We also believe in supporting our employees’ goals to further their education through our long-standing scholarship program. For more than 25 years, McDonald’s has awarded thousands of scholarships as a way of recognizing and rewarding restaurant employees for their achievements at work, at school and in their communities. Since the program began, more than 4,000 McDonald’s employees have shared in scholarship awards, totaling more than $2 million.

Benefits and Rewards

Our Crew, Restaurant Managers and full-time employees are eligible for a wide range of benefits* and rewards. We offer competitive starting rates plus regular wage and performance reviews to promote skills growth and earning power. Other benefits include free uniforms for our Restaurant Staff and various discounts. Full-time McDonald’s employees are eligible for enhanced total compensation and benefits, such as our Comprehensive Group Insurance Plan that offers extended health, dental, disability and life insurance for employees and their families.


McDonald’s recognizes and rewards hard work, dedication, motivation and results. Appreciation comes in many forms – from a simple thank you for a job well done, to restaurant-wide recognition through programs such as the ‘Employee of the Month’ and management leadership awards. Outstanding Restaurant Management performance is recognized by our Ray Kroc Awards. Each year, the top 1% of McDonald’s Restaurant Managers are honored with this award, which recognizes their passion for excellence.

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Career Opportunities

Job Title Posted Date City
Food Counter Attendant (NOC 65201) 2024-02-16 Calgary
Food Counter Attendant (NOC 65201) 2024-02-16 Delta
Food Counter Attendant (NOC 65201) 2024-02-16 Delta
Food Service Supervisor (NOC 62020) 2024-02-16 Calgary
Food Service Supervisor (NOC 62020) 2023-12-26 Bonnyville
Food Counter Attendant (NOC 65201) 2023-12-20 Bonnyville
Food Counter Attendant (NOC 65201) 2023-12-20 Chestermere
Part time Maintenance 2021-04-28 Hamilton
Part Time Crew Granite Drive (Costco) 2021-04-28 Moncton
Part-time Crew Member 2021-04-21 Brampton
Team Member 2021-04-21 Winnipeg
Part-Time Crew 2021-04-21 London
Équipier à temps partiel / Part-time Crew Member 2021-04-21 Halifax
Manager 2021-04-21 Brampton
Full Time Daystaff 2021-04-21 Mississauga
Part-time Crew Member 2021-04-21 Surrey
Part-time Crew Member- 135 Kingston Rd East 2021-04-21 Ajax
Maintenance 2021-04-21 Toronto
PART-TIME CREW MEMBER 2021-04-21 Oakville
overnite crew 2021-04-21 Toronto
Day Staff - Mornings and Mid-Day 2021-04-21 Sault Ste. Marie
Maintenance 2021-04-21 Surrey
Snapplications 2021-04-21 EDMONTON
Part-time Crew Member 2021-04-21 Ajax
Part-time Crew - Trunk Rd 2021-04-21 Sault Ste. Marie