IYINISIW Management Inc is an engineering company focusing on services to the pulp and paper industry in Canada and U.S. We provide solutions to our customers, including engineering, construction, installation, as well as the development of project objectives, scope, plan, specifications, schedule and overall project processes management. We also work together with our customers on commissioning to meet the specifications and design capacities of projects, as well as on equipment and system maintenance, de-bottlenecking, and facility upgrade.

IYINISIW Management Inc was founded in Vancouver, Canada in 2012. The company has been a shared resource center of human capital and knowledge capital, as well as a professional construction and engineering solution provider to customers in the pulp and paper industry. Higher service level and cost-effective projects are being delivered in a reliable and controllable manner.

Market and Customers

IYINISIW is a customer-orientated organization and treats customer needs as its first priority. It has established in-depth relationships with the pulp and paper industries of the United States and Canada. Dozens of Agreements of Cooperation have been confirmed while a couple of contracts have been signed. The market is prosperous and has high potential.




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