The mission of the Canadian Armed Forces is to:

  • protect Canada,
  • defend North America in co-operation with the United States, and
  • contribute to international peace and security.

On any given day, thousands of Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) members are preparing for, engaged in, or returning from an overseas mission. At home, the Canadian Armed Forces can bring the best available military resources from across Canada to face a crisis or threat, wherever it occurs, nation-wide.

Your journey as a CAF member begins in Basic Military Qualification, which lasts about three months. It will be physically demanding: you can expect to wake up early, do lots of push-ups, sit-ups, pull-ups, and to hike several kilometres. It will make you physically and mentally fit, and you will gain a huge sense of achievement, purpose and confidence. You will then receive the training and education required for your specific job. Because you will be handling some of the world’s most innovative technologies and sophisticated equipment, we will keep providing you with plenty of opportunities for advanced training throughout your career.

Once you have been trained, you will be posted to one of our bases across Canada. You’ll find bases are places of constant activity, with a huge range of social and sporting facilities to help you keep fit, relax and enjoy your life outside of working hours. Because our members and their families are our greatest asset, their quality of life is important to us; there is a Military Family Resource Centre on every base, offering a variety of programs, privileges and support groups.

Choosing a career with the Canadian Armed Forces means you will obtain world-class qualifications. You will gain skills and leadership that will serve you well during your career in the military. You will visit more destinations than most people will see in a lifetime, and make great friends along the way.

First Nations, Inuit and Métis Peoples tackle some of the most challenging and rewarding jobs in the Canadian Armed Forces. They are part of dynamic teams of skilled professionals and leaders.

Sub-Lieutenant Khaos O., Maritime Surface and Sub-surface Officer, Royal Canadian Navy.

Many Aboriginal Peoples have taken advantage of the education and training opportunities that the Canadian Armed Forces offer, like paid college and university programs. As a result, they have become exceptional leaders in every field of the Canadian Armed Forces, from engineers and physiotherapists, to technicians and systems specialists.

We work with Aboriginal communities, leaders and veterans to raise awareness about all a military career has to offer. Through our “Canadian Armed Forces Experience” programs, you will work and train with the CAF for a specific period of time and experience the lifestyle without the commitment of joining.

The Canadian Armed Forces offer three experience programs for Aboriginal Peoples:

To learn more, visit FORCES.CA

Course candidates from Western Canada take part in Bold Eagle, one of the Canadian Forces Aboriginal Entry Programs, in Wainwright, Alberta, July 2013.

Career Opportunities

Location of employment for successful applicants will be determined during the application process and will depend on organizational vacancies at that time.

Career Opportunities

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