Why work with Flight Centre

Our people are our greatest asset (and we know that’s what everyone says) but at Flight Centre we can PROVE it to you. What other company would invest huge amounts of time and money every year to send all their global top performers to a Global Conference in a glorious overseas location with performances from the likes of Michael J. Fox and Cindy Lauper?

What other company invests so heavily in each individual employees’ professional development to ensure your Brightness of Future? We offer accredited training programs, in-house promotion strategies and development courses, plus one week of educational leave per year. With over 13,000 staff in 11 countries – that’s a commitment!

It’s no wonder that we have been recognised by the Hewitt and Associates Best Employer Study as one of the best employers in the country four out of the past five years. At Flight Centre, we always want the best for our people.

Join Flight Centre today and let us prove it to YOU!


To explore the careers we have to offer, and to learn more about what it’s like to work at Flight Centre, please visit flightcentre.ca/careers


Our Culture

With a focus on opening up the world for those who want to see, we therefore put serious investment into what’s important for our people.




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