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The CRA has a new, leading-edge human resources system that supports employees in managing their careers.

  • Variety – many different career choices
  • Mobility – offices across the country and some international postings, and the right to apply for positions throughout the federal government
  • Flexibility – full-time, part-time, and seasonal work with schedules that help balance work and family
  • Career development – tools to help you plan your own career and to get the education and training you need
  • Efficiency – as a separate employer from the Public Service Commission, the CRA staffs positions rapidly in an open environment
  • Compensation and benefits – we’re competitive!
  • Meaningful, valuable work – we help millions of Canadians every year

Together, the people of the CRA manage one of the best tax administrations in the world.

The CRA is committed to the values and principles of employment equity. That means that everyone has the same rights for advancement, and pay scales have been established so they don’t discriminate in any way.

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