About us

Our purpose is to help provide a foundation upon which 20 million Canadians build their financial security in retirement. Recognized globally as an example of sound pension plan management, CPP Investments is guided by an independent Board of Directors, operates at arm’s length from federal or provincial governments, and is managed independently from the CPP itself. CPP Investments’ governance has been recognized by many international organizations. Our investment-only mandate ensures we focus solely on maximizing returns and minimizing undue risk to help build a retirement foundation for 20 million Canadians.


Join one of the world’s largest and fastest-growing institutional investors.


Inclusion & Diversity

Inclusive and diverse teams produce a broader range of perspectives, improve decision making, foster a more engaging work environment and drive better business outcomes.

We’re committed to ensuring everyone has a fair opportunity to develop their careers and have an impact. We embrace inclusion, diversity and employment equity because they consistently contribute to our success.

We commit to:

  • Making people feel included and welcome;
  • Valuing diversity of thought and experience; and
  • Respecting what each of us brings to the workplace.

This allows all of us to unlock our professional potential and do our best work.


Inclusive benefits

These are some of our typical employee benefits (some variations exist due to regulatory and market practice differences across countries).

Inclusive Personal Days

Available for colleagues to use however they wish to meet their unique needs (family, religious, cultural, volunteer, etc.) without the need to explain reasons or categorize days.

Inclusive Benefits

Health benefits with comprehensive categories and coverage to meet the needs of a diverse workforce, with inclusive language and destigmatized health leaves providing enhanced income-replacement.

Inclusive Parental Leave

Parental leaves with extended benefits available to men, women, adoptive parents, etc., to support a wider range of family situations, and supported with inclusive, non-gendered language.

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Career Opportunities

Job Title Posted Date City
Ingénieur, Technologie relative aux actions de sociétés fermées 2023-03-31 Toronto
Engineer, Private Equity Technology 2023-03-31 Toronto
Analyst/adjoint, Le groupe Stratégies systématiques - MFPF 2023-03-31 Toronto
Analyst/Associate, Systematic Strategies Group - CMF 2023-03-31 Toronto
Directeur ou premier directeur, Risque quantitatif 2023-03-30 Toronto
Manager/Director, Quantitative Risk 2023-03-30 Toronto
Adjoint ou analyste principal, Suivi de marché, Marchés publics (contractuel – 12 mois) 2023-03-25 Toronto
Associate/Senior Analyst, Public Markets Middle Office (12 Month Contract) 2023-03-25 Toronto
Directeur, Gestion des talents et efficacité organisationnelle 2023-03-25 Toronto
Manager, Talent Management & Organizational Effectiveness 2023-03-25 Toronto
Directeur, Réseaux sociaux 2023-03-24 Toronto
Manager, Social Media 2023-03-24 Toronto
Analyste, Occasions tactiques globales – Gestion externe du portefeuille 2023-03-24 Toronto
Analyst, Global Tactical Opportunities Team – EPM 2023-03-24 Toronto
Engineer, Public Market Technologies, TFM Financing 2023-03-23 Toronto
Ingénieur en chef de la qualité, Ingénierie des données 2023-03-23 Toronto
Lead Quality Engineer, Data Engineering 2023-03-23 Toronto
Ingénieur en chef des données, Technologies des marchés publics 2023-03-22 Toronto
Lead, Data Engineer, Public Markets Technologies 2023-03-22 Toronto
Gestionnaire de portefeuille, Gestion de l’exposition, de l’effet de levier et des liquidités 2023-03-22 Toronto
Portfolio Manager, Exposure, Leverage and Liquidity Management 2023-03-22 Toronto
Analyste, Opérations de placement en instruments de crédit 2023-03-22 Toronto
Analyst, Credit Investment Operations 2023-03-22 Toronto
Premier directeur, Ingénierie des données, Produits de données (contractuel – 9 mois) 2023-03-21 Toronto
Director, Data Engineering Data Products (9-month contract) 2023-03-21 Toronto