The Canada Pension Plan Investment Board (CPPIB) is a professional investment management organization with a critical purpose – to help provide a foundation upon which Canadians build financial security in retirement. We invest the assets of the Canada Pension Plan (CPP). We invest those assets not currently needed by the CPP to pay pension, disability and survivor benefits.

When you invest your career in CPP Investment Board (CPPIB), you join one of the most respected and fastest growing institutional investors in the world. With current assets under management valued in excess of $300 billion, and projected to exceed half a trillion by 2030, CPPIB is a professional investment management organization that globally invests the funds of the Canada Pension Plan to ensure long-term sustainability. CPPIB invests in all major asset classes, including public equity, private equity, real estate, infrastructure and fixed-income instruments, and currently has offices in Toronto, London, Hong Kong, New York, São Paulo, Luxembourg and Mumbai.

Our clarity of mission, independence, scale, certainty of assets and long horizon set us apart from other pension funds, sovereign wealth funds and institutional investors. These advantages have earned us an international reputation – and help us to attract and retain a world-class investment team.


Our Commitment to Diversity

At CPPIB, we are committed to diversity and employment equity. We believe strongly that these principles contribute to our high performance and to our respected position as a leading employer in the investment management sector.

We strive to attract, hire, and provide challenging and fulfilling careers for highly talented individuals with diverse backgrounds and experiences.

We do so because we believe that, to create an exceptional team of world-class talent, our workforce must reflect the larger community. By tapping into the broadest possible talent pool, we have access to the best minds and can be most effective in the domestic and global marketplace in which we operate.

We are committed to building an inclusive environment in which our employees can bring a diversity of knowledge, ideas and approaches that enhances our ability to provide value added performance and enriches everything we do.

At CPPIB, embracing diversity and employment equity is an important factor in our business strategy and a major contributor to our success.


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Career Opportunities

Job Title Posted Date City
Analyst, Market Data Services 2019-10-14 Toronto
Associate, Financial Policy & Reporting (3-6 Month Contract) 2019-10-11 Toronto
Manager, Performance Measurement (6 Month Contract) 2019-10-11 Toronto
Senior Project Manager, Technology and Data Delivery 2019-10-11 Toronto
Senior Manager, Strategy Transformation Office, Project Management Office 2019-10-08 Toronto
Senior IT Analyst, IT Process and Delivery (6-month contract) 2019-10-07 Toronto
Associate, Enterprise Reporting & Controls 2019-10-04 Toronto
Partenaire, Marches Publics 2019-10-04 Toronto
Director, Delivery Partner, Finance, Analytics & Risk 2019-10-04 Toronto
Associate, Collateral Management (12 months contract) 2019-10-03 Toronto
Cloud Infrastructure Engineer / Sr. Cloud Infrastructure Engineer 2019-10-03 Toronto
Data Engineer / Sr. Data Engineer 2019-10-03 Toronto
Senior Developer, Public Markets Technologies - 12 months contract 2019-10-03 Toronto
Analyst, External Fund Operations, EPM 2019-09-30 Toronto
Associate/Senior Associate, Knowledge Advantage 2019-09-26 Toronto
Senior IT Analyst, Trading Infrastructure 2019-09-23 Toronto
Analyst, External Fund & Trade Operations 2019-09-20 Toronto
Analyst/Senior Analyst, Financial Planning & Analysis (7-month contract) 2019-09-20 Toronto
Manager, Financial Policy & Reporting 2019-09-20 Toronto
Senior Developer, Data Engineering Systems 2019-09-18 Toronto
Senior Developer/ Cloud Developer, TPM Technologies (6-month contract) 2019-09-18 Toronto
Manager, Information Security (contract) 2019-09-13 Toronto
Analyst/Senior Analyst, Real Assets Investment Management (15 month contract) 2019-09-12 Toronto
Associate, Funds 2019-09-12 Toronto
Associate/Manager, Real Estate Accounting (Contract) 2019-09-12 Toronto