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The City of Toronto is a municipal government corporation that delivers public programs and services for the residents, businesses and visitors in Toronto. Operating in one of the most diverse cities in the world we are dedicated to building a workforce that reflects the diversity of the public and the communities we serve. We offer a wide range of career choices and a respectful, diverse, safe and healthy workplace. Learn more about our divisions and offices


Indigenous Employment at the City of Toronto

The City of Toronto commits to implementing employment practices that ensure that opportunities for employment are accessible to Indigenous people and increases the number of Indigenous employees’ at all occupational levels. To support this commitment we have developed several policies programs and resources:


Reconciliation Action Plan

In Spring of 2022 The Toronto City Council unanimously passed the Reconciliation Action Plan to guide its actions to advance truth, justice and reconciliation for the next 10 years, from 2022 to 2032. Embedded in the plan are several employment-related actions including; creating employment opportunities for low-income groups, and enhancing Indigenous recruitment and retention with Toronto Public Service. These actions build on the already existing Aboriginal Employment Strategy. You can review the full Reconciliation Action Plan here


Indigenous Youth Research Associate (IYRA) Program

The IYRA program is a 12 month program for experienced Indigenous talent. Participants work within divisions on projects, drawing upon their education, work and lived experiences as an Indigenous person. The program offers an opportunity to increase your professional experience (primarily in project co-ordination and research), build networks and broaden your future career prospects. Note: Recruitment for the IYRA program occurs between March to June


Essential Skills Program

The Essential Skills Program is a short term employment program done in collaboration with Miziwe Biik, for Indigenous youth with limited or no work experience. After several weeks of essential skills training with Miziwe Biik candidates are invited to apply and interview for entry level Administrative Trainee roles within divisions across the City of Toronto. The Administrative Trainee roles to gain professional experience that can hopefully be used in the private or public sector. Upon completion of the nine-week training, Note: Miziwe Biik recruitment for the Essential Skills program occurs between September to October- Start date with the city in January


Other Employment Programs

Toronto Urban Fellows Program- The Toronto Urban Fellows program provides talented new professionals (recent graduate of Masters, LLB, JD, and PhD programs) with an intensive introduction to the governance, operations and administration of Canada’s largest city. This is accomplished through a combination of full-time work experience and a series of seminars, tours and workshops. This program has established a strong reputation as an innovative, ground-breaking initiative that has welcomed more than 90 highly skilled and talented professionals to the Toronto Public Service.


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