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As the country’s public broadcaster, CBC/Radio-Canada is an exciting and rewarding place to work. Our mandate to inform, enlighten and entertain Canadians across the country makes us unique in the media landscape, as does our commitment to do so in both official languages, and seven Indigenous languages.

This is why we’re always on the lookout for talented individuals who represent a diversity of backgrounds, perspectives and experiences. We know that commitment to diversity is essential to creating content that mirrors and resonates with the rich and evolving makeup of our country.

We’re also committed to reaching out and connecting with our audience on multiple platforms, with an emphasis on digital and mobile. This includes creating virtual places where communities can come together, like the CBC Indigenous and Espaces Autochtones sites.

The short videos on this page give a taste of our work culture – one that is dedicated to doing quality work and upholding values that include creativity, integrity, inclusiveness and relevance. We also offer programs and resources to help employees thrive through training and development.

Please check out the selected job listings below, and come back often. New opportunities are always being added as we continue to evolve to meet the ever-changing needs of our audience.

Christine Pietschmann
Executive Director, Talent Management
People and Culture, CBC/Radio-Canada

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Career Opportunities

Job Title Posted Date City
Reporter/Editor (English Services) 2020-08-07 Yellowknife
Project Manager, Portfolio Manager – Engagement Strategy – Marketing and Communications (French Services) 2020-08-07 Montreal
Supervisor, Bonded Cellular / Transmission, CBC News Network (English Services) 2020-08-07 Toronto
Project Lead - Senior Systems Designer, IT and Media Infrastructure (MTIS) 2020-08-06 Toronto
Reporter/Editor, assigned to Weather (English Services) 2020-08-05 Regina
News Editor/Presenter (English Services) 2020-08-05 Regina; Saskatoon
Social Editor Presenter (English Services) 2020-08-05 Saskatoon; Regina
Senior Producer, assigned to coordinating radio (Inuktitut language) (English Services) 2020-08-04 Iqaluit
Manager, Journalism and Programming (CBC North) (English Services) / ᐅᒋᒫᐤ - uchimâu 2020-08-04 Montreal
Multiplatform Journalist (French Services) 2020-08-01 Moncton
Web Desk Editor (French Services) 2020-08-01 Moncton
Reporter/Editor, assigned to Digital 2020-08-01 Whitehorse
Specialized Reporter for Espaces autochtones (French Services) 2020-08-01 Montreal
Senior Communications Advisor, Diversity and Inclusion (Corporate Development) 2020-08-01 Montreal; Ottawa; Toronto
Accounting Officer (Finance) 2020-08-01 Quebec City
Host, CBC News Network (English Services) 2020-08-01 Toronto
Chief Editor (French Services) 2020-07-31 Montreal
Information Architect (French Services) 2020-07-31 Montreal
Reporter/Editor, assigned to newsreading (English Services) 2020-07-30 Yellowknife
Producer, Operations (French Services) 2020-07-30 Sudbury
Senior Producer, Assignment (English Services) 2020-07-30 Halifax
Senior Producer, Digital (English Services) 2020-07-13 Toronto
Reporter/Editor (French Services) 2020-03-13 Saskatoon
Casual, short-term newsroom roles @ CBC North (English Services) 2020-02-07 Yellowknife; Inuvik
Career Opportunities in Digital Products, CBC 2019-11-29 Toronto

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