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Situated on the shore of Lake Huron, Bruce Power provides nuclear power to one in three homes, hospitals, schools and businesses in Ontario and medical isotopes across the globe to keep medical equipment sterilized and assist in fighting disease.

The Bruce site has a proud history of nuclear power generation. Our multi-year Life-Extension Program builds on our experience, allowing us to invest in our site, our community, and our province.

We care about our communities and the people who live in them because it’s where we live too. 

We know our people are our future and we take pride in fostering our employees’ growth and development so they can reach their full potential, and feel a sense of accomplishment and belonging. We embrace diversity and inclusion as we know this is how we will innovate and grow for the future. Building a workforce that is both diverse and inclusive is essential to us as we know this fosters innovation and growth.


Diversity & Inclusion


Building a workforce that is diverse and inclusive is essential to us. We believe that the background, experience, perspective and talent of our employees make us stronger and form our Bruce Power family.

We are committed to treating everyone with fairness, dignity and respect, so each of us can bring our true selves to work and thrive.

It’s simple: When we work together and respect one another, we work smarter. We strive to have a diverse and inclusive work environment where each employee feels valued for their uniqueness, recognized for their diverse talents, and where they can be themselves.

When we embrace diversity and inclusion we know this is how we will innovate and grow for the future. With diversity, equity, respect and inclusion built into our business we know we will be successful.

Our Initiatives

Inclusive Hiring

We actively seek a wide range of candidates for all positions. A diversity of backgrounds and skills strengthen our teams, drives innovation, and leads to better quality business decisions and outcomes. We are committed to increasing our diversity through hiring and remain focused on attracting, supporting and developing our talent from under-represented groups.

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Leadership Accord on Gender Diversity

Gender diversity remains a focus for us. We signed the Leadership Accord on Gender Diversity and are committed to advocating for the role of women in the industry.

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Indigenous Employment Guide

We are proud of our Indigenous Program, our Indigenous network employee group and the dedicated community outreach we provide to our local Indigenous communities. 

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Nuclear Against Racism

We are proud to be part of this industry specific initiative focused on anti-racism, improving our programs and challenging the systemic barriers negatively affecting the lives of Black, Indigenous and People of Colour (BIPOC).

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At Bruce Power, there are limitless opportunities to pursue multiple career paths and take on exciting new challenges, all while enjoying small town, lakeside living.
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We stand in solidarity with Black, Indigenous and People of Colour (BIPOC) communities across the world in the unquestionable proclamation that the lives of BIPOC Matter.