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The BC Public Service has about 35,000 public servants working in 200 different types of jobs across 280 communities. We provide services, programs and policy expertise in areas like health care, public safety, education, and environmental management.

We offer work-life balance, great wages and full benefits. There are jobs for public servants in many locations across the province. Choose the city vibe or small town life. Strike the work-life balance that you want by taking advantage of flexible work schedules. Learn more about what the BC Public Service offers you.

Learn about Indigenous initiatives at BC Public Service.

Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples Act

B.C. is the first jurisdiction in Canada to formally adopt the internationally recognized standards of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples through legislation. This Declaration forms the foundation for the Province’s work to advance reconciliation and enshrines in law the human rights of Indigenous peoples in B.C.

Indigenous Applicant Advisory Service

The Indigenous Applicant Advisory Service is available to applicants that self-identify as Indigenous (First Nations, status or non-status, Métis, or Inuit) seeking to work or already employed in the BC Public Service.

Indigenous applicants interested in BC Public Service positions can receive high level advice and guidance on the hiring system and process. This includes:

  • Navigating the BC Public Service job opportunities web page, including creating a resume profile
  • Setting up job search agents for BC Public Service positions
  • Best practices for tailoring resumes and cover letters to BC Public Service job postings and answering long answer/free form text style questionnaires
  • Coaching on the BC Public Service job interview process, including mock interview conversations


Contact the Indigenous Applicant Advisor to learn more.

Indigenous Leadership and Mentorship Program

A new Indigenous Leadership and Mentorship Program is currently being piloted. There will be 3 streams for Indigenous employees:

  • New to the public service
  • Aspiring/growing leaders
  • Experienced leaders

Indigenous Youth Internship Program

The Indigenous Youth Internship Program is a 12-month program to provide Indigenous youth with public service work and learning experience.

The program mirrors the school year and runs annually from September to the following August. It provides professional experience, leadership development, cultural support, and a professional, cultural, and social network through the intern cohort.


House of Indigenous Learning

The House of Indigenous Learning is part of the Learning Centre available to BC Public Service employees. It was created to educate B.C. public servants on the history of Indigenous peoples, including the history and legacy of residential schools, the Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples and much more.


Career Opportunities

Job Title Posted Date City
BIO 30R - Fish and Wildlife Section Head Northeast Region 2024-02-27 Hybrid
LSO OTHR 4 - Section Head - Regional Initiatives 2024-02-27 Hybrid
STO-RE 30R - Section Head - Regional Initiatives 2024-02-27 Hybrid
RES O 30R - Senior Data Scientist 2024-02-27 Remote
CLK 09R - Team Assistant 2024-02-27 On-Site
ADMN O 24R - Area Manager, Bridges 2024-02-27 On-Site
LSO OTHR 3 - Land & Resource Specialist - Forest Landscape Planning 2024-02-27 Hybrid
CLK 15R - Intake Agent, Client Services 2024-02-27 Hybrid
ISL 18R - System Access Analyst 2024-02-27 Hybrid
ADMN O 24R - Senior Project Analyst 2024-02-27 Hybrid
BAND 3 - Assistant Deputy Warden 2024-02-27 On-Site
CLK 09R - Team Assistant 2024-02-27 On-Site
BAND 3 - Manager, Financial Reporting, Systems, and Analysis 2024-02-27 Hybrid
ADMN O 24R - Policy Analyst 2024-02-27 Hybrid
BAND 2 - Manager, Operational Support Services 2024-02-27 Various locations
ADMN O 24R - Property Acquisition Coordinator 2024-02-27 Hybrid
CLK 12R - Project Assistant 2024-02-27 Hybrid
CLK 12R - Occupational Health & Safety Coordinator 2024-02-27 Various locations
ADMN O 24R - Program Manager 2024-02-27 Various locations
SPO 24R - Probation Officer (Growth) 2024-02-27 Various locations
Wildfire Technician 2024-02-26 Lillooet (On-Site)
Policy Analyst 2024-02-26 Multiple Locations (Hybrid)
STO-RE 21R - Wildfire Technician 2024-02-26 On-Site
ADMN O 24R - Manager, Digital Content & Social Media 2024-02-26 Various locations
SPO 24R - Child Protection Worker (Growth) 2024-02-26 Hybrid

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