About Us

About Us

Canada’s fastest growing Aboriginal career portal, AboriginalCareers.ca is pleased to introduce Canadian Aboriginal Job Seekers to a new approach to job searching. AboriginalCareers.ca brings simplicity, value, and functionality to the world of Canadian online job boards.

Through our partnership with Aboriginal Link’s Diversity Recruitment Program, we post jobs for Canada’s largest corporations and government departments. With our vertical job search engine technology, Aboriginal Job Seekers can search thousands of Aboriginal specific jobs in just about every industry, city, province and postal code.

AboriginalCareers.ca offers the hottest job listings from some of the nation’s top employers, and we will continue
to add services and enhance functionality ensuring a more effective job search. For example, during a search, job seekers have the ability to rollover any job listing and read a brief description of the position to determine if the job is exactly what they’re searching for. This practical feature allows job seekers to only research jobs relevant to their search. By including elements like this, AboriginalCareers.ca can help reduce the time it takes to find and apply for the best, available jobs.

The team behind AboriginalCareers.ca is dedicated to connecting Canadian Aboriginal Peoples with great jobs along with the most time and cost-effective, career-advancing resources. It is our mission to develop and maintain a website where people can go to work!




Boston_PizzaWe have been advertising our client’s careers across Canada using the AboriginalCareers.ca service for almost a year. Michael and his team have been courteous, helpful, and prompt in facilitating any service requests we have. The direct outreach into the Aboriginal communities separates Aboriginal Careers from other ‘job boards’ and has resulted in success with our applications to Service Canada. Anyone that needs to reach this underrepresented group should contact AboriginalCareers.ca directly.


City of Fort St JohnAboriginalCareers.ca has provided the City of Fort St. John with an outreach method to effectively communicate our human resource needs to the Aboriginal community, helping us to work towards the City’s goal of promoting diversity within our workforce.  The AboriginalCareers.ca team is energetic, efficient and quick to respond to our needs. In addition, the information provided through their responseTRAC Response Reporting System is invaluable and meets our requirements.


Express ScriptsSince 2009, Express Scripts Canada has partnered with AboriginalCareers.ca on their Diversity Recruitment Program. The AboriginalCareers.ca team works diligently to come up with solutions and recommendations on how to attract potential Aboriginal candidates. The program has generated several resumes and interest in our job competitions. If your organization has outreach needs specific to the Aboriginal market, I highly recommend AboriginalCareers.ca.


Caron Transportation LogoI would like to take this time to thank AboriginalCareers.ca for assisting us in our recruitment efforts through your Aboriginal recruitment program.  We have been able to increase our applicant pool at a very reasonable cost. The applications we receive have been more plentiful than many other media types. AboriginalCareers.ca has proven very successful for Caron Transportation Systems, and we will continue our partnership into the future.



I have been directly involved in Strategic Staffing and Sourcing since 1996. In my current role as Recruiting Manager for Weatherford Canada, I partnered with Aboriginal Link on their Diversity Recruitment Program.

Our Aboriginal Link Diversity Recruitment Program provides us with effective outreach into the Aboriginal segment and our responseTRAC Dashboard allows us to see the responses to our Career Postings in ‘Real Time’. With the help of Aboriginal Link, Weatherford Canada is building a reputation of being an ‘Employer of Choice’ and demonstrating our commitment to Canadian Aboriginal Peoples.

Aboriginal Link’s Diversity Recruitment Program has proven successful and I am happy to say that Weatherford Canada will be continuing our partnership with Aboriginal Link into the future.


I would like to take this opportunity to commend and thank you and your company for the terrific service that you have provided to the National Aboriginal Recruitment Team at the Correctional Service of Canada (CSC). As a result of a quarterly faxing campaign, we are reaching areas of the country that would otherwise prove very costly and time consuming.

Additionally, we are reaching interested candidates of all ages and education levels. We are able to provide information about our organization in terms of what we do, what we offer and what we give back. This messaging opportunity has created much more dialogue with Aboriginal community members. It is anticipated that this increased interest in the business and mandate of CSC will generate more Aboriginal applicants seeking employment opportunities with our organization.

From a recruitment perspective, reaching out to 7,200 Aboriginal community contacts across the country is invaluable. I believe that our initial attempts at strategic outreach are proving very successful.

The customer service approach and personal touch is very refreshing and meaningful. I appreciate the telephone calls, the e-mails and information provided by Aboriginal Link, as it provides me with valuable information to relay to my superiors on how things are progressing on a regular basis, without a great deal of time spent investigating and creating reports.


We signed up with Aboriginal Link and have been using their services for 2.5 months. We are the first providers in the Home Care industry to use Aboriginal Link, so we really had no sense of how successful the program would be. So far we have generated 50 website hits within our career section and have had 6 applicants, of which 2 we have hired on.

We believe this speaks to a strong return in a very short period of time in terms of hiring Aboriginal talent. We look forward to continuing to attract Aboriginal applicants to Bayshore Home Health and sending the message that Aboriginal applicants are always welcome.


CP_Primary_200Canadian Pacific (CP) is committed to the principles of employment equity, diversity and inclusion. At CP, we recognize that Canada’s Aboriginal population is growing and that it represents a significant source of new talent for us who bring skill, energy, ambition and a unique culture to CP.

In our efforts to increase our presence in Aboriginal communities across Canada, we partner with Aboriginal Link on their Diversity Recruitment Program. This has allowed CP to be successful in reaching Aboriginal communities which is important to us.

With the help of the Aboriginal Link team, our job opportunities are reaching thousands of potential Aboriginal candidates, positioning CP as an ‘Employer of Choice’ within Aboriginal communities across Canada.


Aboriginal Link’s Diversity Recruitment Program is a tremendous recruitment tool. While we were expanding and growing our Lodges in the Fort McMurray regions, it provided PTI with numerous resumes.

As well, through Aboriginal Link we were able to establish the PTI brand in many remote Aboriginal communities across Canada that we wouldn’t have been able to reach otherwise.



 Not only has this raised our profile in the community, but has started to generate a solid base of applicants we can start drawing from…which I never anticipated would happen in such a short period of time.

I would recommend any organization trying to achieve similar objectives to invest into Aboriginal Link’s products and services.


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Our partnership with AboriginalCareers.ca is very important and has accounted for almost 70K applicant views and 180 potential applicants to date.






Thank you again – your assistance is beyond value – I do appreciate all you have done for me and our Company!